E2 Land Use Planning helps both local governments and property owners navigate the complex world of land use planning. We specialize in project review and approval, mediating and resolving land use problems, urban growth boundary expansion, code writing, inter-governmental coordination, and natural resource management.  We assist local governments in fulfilling their responsibilities to the public and to the law. Hard work, integrity and personal service are the hallmarks of E2.

La Center, Washington Growth Management Planning


La Center, located on the bank of the South Fork of the Lewis River, was a fishing site, a riverboat town, a stop on U.S. Highway 99 during the golden age of movies and has now attached itself to the new river of commerce, the interstate highway. The E2 team has worked with the city on its comprehensive plan, capital facilities plan, development code, and more. In 2010 the E2 team led a successful effort to recruit land owners to agree to annex into the city, thereby fulfilling the city’s goal of tying itself to the industrial and commercial lands available at the I-5 interchange.

Ridgefield, Washington Comprehensive Planning


Ridgefield is nestled between the Columbia River and Interstate 5 in Southwestern Washington. It is a small town with big dreams. Eric Eisemann worked with the city council and business community to develop the city’s first comprehensive plan, create a UGA that was designed to attract new growth at the freeway, created new development regulations and capital facilities plans.  E2 has worked with the community over the past two decades to revise the city’s planning framework to meet ever changing circumstances. The E2 team has worked closely with the community helping to approve new industrial and commercial uses and scores of new subdivisions.

Winchester, Kentucky Main Street Project


Winchester, Kentucky is a charming ante-bellum city at the edge of the Kentucky Bluegrass. In the modern era the downtown was eclipsed by freeway development and changing demographics. Working with the Kentucky Heritage Commission and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Eric Eisemann worked to create a downtown merchants organization, place the entire downtown on the National Register of Historic Places, initite re-creating the “White Way” historic street light program, and bring new economic vitality to a fading Main Street.

Public Involvement in Planning


Nearly every planning project E2 works on includes public involvement: from code amendments to comprehensive plan amendments, from UGA expansions to annexations, and from drafting critical areas ordinances to development project review. E2 has organized and managed stakeholder groups for community visioning in Mosier, Oregon and across the river in North Bonneville, Washington. We have developed extensive public outreach campaigns for UGA expansions, and annexation in several cities, and we have  conducted SWOT-style public outreach programs in rural communities. Eric Eisemann has organized and managed statewide public outreach campaigns to project historic resources of statewide significance such as Crater Lake Lodge and the Oregon coastal bridges.

Consultant Planning Staff


Sometimes local jurisdictions need additional staff support but the budget isn’t there to pay for a new full-time staff person.  Who do you call? E2. We provide planning assistance to communities through boom and bust times alike. The E2 team will assist with development review, staff planning commission or park board meetings, assist with annual comprehensive plan or development code amendments or provide project specific advice. Sometimes a call for stopgap help turns into a relationship that spans decades. When changes in staffing and a growing caseload overwhelmed Battle Ground, Camas, and Washougal, E2 provided temporary planning support until the communities could right the listing ship. In Ridgefield, La Center and Winlock, a call from short term support grew into years of mutual support and respect. E2 continually wins the confidence of local governments because we have a strong history of working for local governments first and that shows in our commitment to the community.

Natural and Historic Resource Management: Historic Preservation


E2 believes in developing plans for the future by looking at past and present land uses and patterns. We believe that the old adage, “How can we know where we are going if we don’t know where we have been” rings true. Downtowns can be vibrant centers of business while still maintaining the historic character that made them successful originally. Tourists intentionally drive the Historic Columbia River Highway for pleasure or stay in the rustic lodge at the rim of the caldera at Crater Lake. The sweeping arches of the Oregon coastal highway bridges are iconic landmarks. The hisotic downtown was and can the heart and soul of a well planned community. Eric Eisemann has played a role in helping breathe new life into these and other historic resources. E2 will help you with a National Register nomination, craft local preservation ordinances, or guide a project through SEPA/NEPA or Section 106 review process.

Natural and Historic Resource Management: Critical Areas


The E2 team drafts concise well-balanced critical area codes based upon Best Available Science. Critical areas are not simply places to set aside or fence off; a good critical area code can integrate the human and natural world into one urban landscape serving multiple purposes. We accomplish this by teaming with natural resource scientists who know the science and also know the community and land. We work with city planners and officials in the context of the local comprehensive plan. We listen to property owners to understand their personal and financial desires regarding  their private property. We listen to the citizens, too. From that mix, E2 and the critical area team has  produced well balanced code that meets the goals of the community and the owners  in La Center, Ridgefield, Washougal, Winlock and Yacolt, Washington.


Growth Management Planning


E2 has worked successfully in nearly every aspect of the Washington Growth Management Act (GMA) system. We manage simple “fixes” as well as multi-year projects, including:

  • Comprehensive Plan rewrites and updates
  • Capital Facilities Plan rewrites and annual updates
  • Urban Growth Area (UGA) expansions
  • Buildable lands analysis
  • SEPA review including Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Development code amendments
  • Critical area ordinances based on Best Available Science
  • Annexation of hundreds of acres of land in different jurisdictions
  • Downtown revitalization plans
  • Complex development review projects and
  • Development agreements

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